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Meet all your hydraulics needs

Do you have hydraulic equipment around your home or job site that's in need of repair? Air and Hydraulic Service Co. offers services to repair your hydraulic valves, pumps and jacks. We provide fabrication and repair services for pumps, as well as repair services for flow control and pressure control valves. Is a broken jack preventing you from changing your tire? We can repair it and have it functioning properly again in no time.

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A variety of hydraulic parts

Need fabrication or repair for your hydraulic machinery? The parts we work on include:

  • Pumps - pump hydraulic fluid to make the other hydraulic parts run smoothly
  • Valves - open and close the body of the system for oil flow, allowing the cylinder to operate
  • Jacks - use hydraulic mechanisms to lift heavy objects, such as vehicles

Work with Air and Hydraulic Service to address your needs for hydraulic valves, pumps and jacks.